'Hmm' in a thought bubble

So it’s day three of having a blog and so far it seems to be lookin’ good. I quite like the design I made, looks retro and colourful – a combination I think is pretty cool, don’t you?

However, the writing side of things is not so great, mainly because I have nothing particularly specific to write about on this occasion. I had no idea what to call this post, sitting here gazing at the ceiling and making periodic ‘hmm’ sounds in my head since all other tangible thoughts and sources of inspiration were non-existent, ergo, the above title stuck. The said ‘hmm’ event in my head, which was the only recognisable thing my Friday evening brain could be bothered to create, suddenly materialised as an audible spoken sound, physically representing my blankness of thought, and then it became an idea of what to call the post. However my sensibility overtook and suggested this was a pointless title. But then I asked myself  ‘what am I going to write about anyway?’ More hmm-ing ensued.

What a brilliant promise of success for an English student… still, it’s better than spending 8 hours attempting to begin writing an essay and only writing the word ‘the’ before feeling satisfied with oneself and declaring ‘that’s enough for today’ before retiring to bed content in the belief that something incredible has been achieved today. But that’s another story altogether.

So because I fail at spontaneously finding the inspiration to write about something that normally overwhelms my brain with a chaotic concoction of thoughts that really should be released like a demonic honey badger from a brazen bull, and because I’m hungry, and need to eat, and then spend the rest of this evening probably doing what I have basically been doing the whole week, which is idly existing pretty much analogous to the life of a runt housefly maggot, I am going to finish this blog here. Wow, have I written that much already?

I have spent all afternoon procrastinating over writing up two pages of lecture notes and during this procrastination, I write this

May God have mercy on your souls when I actually find something to blog about.

Over and out.


4 thoughts on “Hmm…

  1. Haha. Nice to meet you. Thanks – it was one of those days where procrastination was less of an issue than normal! But yeah, tell me about it. Anyway I’m intrigued, How did you find my blog?

      • Ah right, I’ll keep an eye on that then! Had a look at your blog – looks really professional and you seem a natural – hope it works that way for me! And thanks for subscribing, I’ll return the favour.

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