Essays can do one

So it’s been a while, just thought I’d post something quickly, since it’s 2:28am on a Friday night/Saturday morning and I should be out forgetting everything that makes any sense and getting off my/on someone else’s tits. But I am not. Because my student loan doesn’t quite cover it this year. Oh dear. Oh dear indeed.

Don’t worry, my silence doesn’t in fact mean I’m dead. Nope, the reality is I’ve been stuck doing essays since about two weeks ago, and boy had I forgotten how much I detest them, actually with a passion. Having to do four at the same time is a bigger pain in the arse than a telegraph pole. Not to worry, I’ve genuinely been sad and/or OCD enough to mathematically calculate precisely the minimum amount of words I can write per day and still finish all my essays before the deadline.

I far prefer writing in this ranting, pointless manner on a blog rather than in an organised structured manner which has to agree with other writers directly, and hence to me is equally pointless, but I’m not getting in to debt for nothing!

Anyways, any suggestions for something relevant/vaguely interesting to write about when it’s not stupid o’clock would be appreciated for next time around.


Laters all.


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