Breaking News! Broken News.

Well, it was a flop. A big wet fish-slap in the face, a Nickleback’s Rockstar or (the one without Arnie) Conan the Barbarian-style hilariously calamitous flop.

Since this blog wasn’t really going anywhere, and I’d lost all momentum like a fat guy driving to the gym passing a cake shop, I’ve decided I needed a new aim. Something a little more mature is what I hope it can be, as well as relevant and topical.

So I’ve canned this blog, and carried on my incessant, dreary and down-right pointless rambling (albeit disguised by a more “professional” approach) at .

Click away, and be unenlightened.

You can, of course, read all the old delights from my old defunct blog below, but be warned, there are no guarantees of any resounding epiphanies as a result of reading the gripping original material.


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