Tolerance for the intolerant

Abu Qatada

Abu Qatada. Look at that smirk. Don’t you just want to punch him?

Well, it’s been over a month since I last posted. I am slightly ashamed by this fact, although I’m now averaging over a massive five visits to my blog a day. Excitement. Interestingly, that last blog about the lull in the trend that is blogging might have been my last blog for a very long time, except for one vital flaw – there is always something to write about. You just have to decide what you care enough about or what you want others to care about. This week, I have found that material which at the moment overrides everything else, and which makes me angry to the bones. And I mean punching-a-wall-repeatedly-until-you-bleed-profusely angry.

Terrorism. To many, it’s a subject which is now the source of a lot boredom and disregard for what it actually means to the everyday person. Understandable, since the wars in the Middle East which were supposedly supposed to sort out terrorism seem to have now stagnated and serve little purpose, in short. Well, to me, terrorists are worse than paedophiles, worse than murderers, worse than tyrants, worse than even war criminals. Why? Because at least each of them – except, of course, paedophiles and most murderers – stand by their own principles, no matter how deluded. Terrorists stand for nothing. They are the biggest, most terrible arrogant hypocrites around. The combination of those two attributes alone makes for a pretty dislikeable person in my opinion, but add to the mix that anyone they don’t like or think are undeserved of their own lives and who disagrees with them should be killed and in such a horrific way, you have a truly terrible human being. I’m a philanthropist, but I have absolutely no positive feelings towards terrorists, other than pity. Most terrorists being, in this particular context of course, extremist religious persons with an ambition to kill people whom they do not even know and have never met. Scum. Scum of the Earth. They all need at the very least a massive punch square in the middle of the face.

Twin Towers 9/11 plane collision

Exactly the kind of thing that Muhammad would have wanted, I’m sure.

What is so frustrating is that they supposedly are ‘advocates’ of their religion – whatever that may be – Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism; any of them, and yet everything they do completely contradicts the fundamentals of what religion is which is – allegedly – learning to live with your common man and also, erm, not doing things like killing. As far as I was aware, mass murder was not the first priority for Jesus or Muhammad.  Yes, of course, there are many many many other bad things that happen that don’t have anything to do with religion, or terrorism, or intolerance, or hypocrisy, and nor do I agree with the U.S. being the almighty ‘police’ of the world, but that’s another story. What I do disagree with is the merciless intolerance and disgustingly pretentious and deluded attitude of terrorist organisations. Being quite a left liberal kind of person politically, I have quite a far right view on terrorism, which is 0% tolerance. This might be because it completely goes against my attitudes on equality, liberty, peace, and people of all different backgrounds and cultures being able to live together and accept each other. This is precisely what terrorists don’t want. And it’s as if their opinion and life-style is the only one. They deliberately live to obstruct peace and progress.

What has brought on this raging rant is the recent discussions in the news on the Muslim alleged terrorist Abu Qatada and his lawyers, oh and the European Court of Human Rights. If there was ever a time to explain why political correctness and the enforcement of human rights has gone way too far, this is the best example ever. The fact that he has lived in our country – albeit under some form of ‘arrest’ – for over a decade, living off our taxes, using our services and taking advantage of everything this tolerant country provides, whilst also, taking advantage of our free speech, outwardly hating every British person, saying we should all be killed and have Sharia law installed (an example of his deluded mind, given the fact that out of over 60 million people in this country, only 2.7% are Muslim, and far fewer than that actually want Sharia law) makes me disgusted that this hasn’t been reason alone to deport him already.

Inciting hatred, racism, encouraging acts of terrorism, apart from which he has probably attempted to carry out a bombing in his own country, are all crimes which justify a trial to me, no matter where he is. Of course, other criminals like one-time Mars bar shop lifters and people who are doing 32 in a 30 are obviously in need of a trial and conviction sooner. And it also doesn’t take ten years for such ‘criminals’ to be sentenced. Qatada needs to go away, now. What really annoys me is despite all his completely unjustified hatred for our government and laws, he is actually taking advantage of them to their very best – not only by obviously using good lawyers (why they would want to represent him is another question) and exploiting ‘loopholes’ in the system, but making it work in his favour. And this is the hypocrisy of it all. Genuine RAGE.

As for the ECHR’s ‘argument’ for not sending him to trial. Well… As far as I’m concerned, if he thinks he has the right to sentence other human beings to death and pain and suffering for no obvious reason and to enforce his own backward and completely destructive opinions on other human beings against their will and without trial, then, I don’t care how illiberal it is, he forgoes his own rights which would otherwise be available for more ‘normal’ people. It disgusts me that the ECHR let any appeal ride in the light of the effects of terrorism. Ultimately I’m not really bothered what happens to him when he gets to Jordan, so long as he gets some kind of punishment for the things he’s done and the things he encourages I’m happy. It may be a slightly awkward concept, but I am tolerant and accepting of most people, except for most of those who are extremely intolerant.

For the need of avoiding an essay-length post, I will only mention the following bits briefly: that twat Al-Megrahi responsible for the Lockerbie Pan Am flight 103 bombing was allowed to leave his life imprisonment basically at his request. And then there is Christopher Tappin, extradited to the U.S. on grounds that he sold batteries to alleged terrorists, unknowingly, against his rights and the rights of his family, etc., since they had, and still have no idea why. Begs the question why Qatada has firstly not been extradited to Jordan and why the U.S. has not taken an interest and extradited him, where he’d have no room for appeal whatsoever, apparently, going on Christopher Tappin’s case? I can’t stand that kind of inequality and injustice. I think a massive kick up the arse with a huge boot that sends him flying in to Jordan by himself is what’s needed.

Personally, depending on my mood, I’d like to purchase a large calibre sniper rifle, get some basic training and some practice, then give him a clean shot between the eyes. If anything it’d get rid of that stupid untrimmed and untamed beard and that constant blo*dy irritating self-satisfied smirk from his face. After all, it would take him out of this world he hates so much. But where would be the justice and humanity and that?

Despite all he’s done and all the crap he deserves to be jailed for life for and suffer for, he needs to learn that actually there are people out there who are willing to tolerate – even, accept – and give supposed ‘scum’ a fair and equal chance.

Rant over.


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A world without is a world fulfilled

Imagine a world without religion - World Trade CenterRight, that’s it.

I’ve decided, I’m going to write about something that gets on my tits. I mean really gets on my tits. That’s right, I’m about to be opinionated, and a few people might object, but one thing I enjoy – and so should everyone else – in this country, and most of the world, is the right to free speech. There’s no question however, that it results in debate, but that’s the whole point, and debate is healthy.

Whilst you’re reading this just listen to this song – one of my favourites. Beautiful music, beautiful words. It says it all really:

…And for those who say that we are not ‘free’ (and the rant begins), ask yourself the following: does anyone tell you which political party to vote for and threaten you with arrest or worse? Does anyone tell you which religion to believe in and threaten you with imprisonment or worse? Does anyone tell where you are and where you are not entitled to go and threaten you with persecution, emasculation, or worse? Does anyone tell you you are not entitled to leave your life and emigrate in search of greater freedom? Does anyone tell you which jobs you should take and who you should marry or threaten you with disowning? Does anyone tell you you have a set destiny in life or you will be worthless? Have you ever even had the option to consider free financial support from the state?

Do you ever have the dread or burden of the effects of a life threatening incurable disease invading every moment of your life making you weary of the end because the technology for a cure is not available? Have you ever had so little money that you couldn’t afford even a blanket to keep you warm at night? Has anyone ever told you to stop expressing your opinions? I’ll stop horrendously regurgitating these worn out clichés now but if the answer to a vast majority if not all of these questions is a resounding ‘no’, then you, my friend, are one in a small percentage of the world who really are ‘free’. Free to live.  It really grinds my gears when certain ignorant people attempt to persuade other supposedly ‘naive’ and ‘sheltered’ people that we are part of an oppressed and controlled society. Get real. You don’t need to go far nowadays to see why these people are wrong, sometimes even the very fact you can turn on the TV and watch the news, broadcast from multiple channels, is enough to see why…

This leads me nicely to religion. If I were to talk about all my views on religion in one go I would probably be able to get away with not writing essays ever again, mainly because I would die of exhaustion and hunger, or from over excitement from the animated discussion and the phenomenal rage that would no doubt ensue in writing about such a thing. However, since I have already expressed my opinion on another matter, I will not blabber on too much about the dude with the beard in the sky/on the cross this time.

Specifically, what irritates me about religion versus science/atheism (I’m not debating now the precise definitions of the separate factions, I intend to sleep tonight), is the classic ‘all atheists are bad’, or ‘all religious people are ignorant’. How on Earth can this satisfy all beliefs of both sides? I know it’s crude and basic, and uses stereotypes, but the argument I have is – if a ‘bad’ atheist suddenly becomes religious, does that make them immediately ‘good’? And vice versa? Hard core religious nuts will of course argue that they have committed an unspeakable sin such that any attempts to join the ‘great and good’ of religion should mean damnation for the rest of their poor miserable lives, for ever doubting or ‘despairing’ in the faith of God. No. Go away. I ask those who are religious, did you ever have a choice whether or not to be religious? It’s all part of that good ol’ free world in which we are allowed independent beliefs and opinions, and permitted to make our own decisions. Chances are, yes you did have the choice and just as you took the decision to be faithful to a religion, others would have taken the decision to not believe in a religion. Is there any proof anywhere that either decision is the right one? Before you answer that just look at the picture below, and before you say ‘they weren’t really religious’, they believed in a god didn’t they; and that’s all you need to be religious, isn’t it? (I could go on to talk about what defines religion, but I won’t).

Religion and AtheismA picture paints a thousand words, and a picture with words makes a better picture, so I don’t really need to say anything other than it supports my point entirely.  At the end of the day, I am a philanthropist (some religious people might say, stereotyping again “you can’t be, you’re an Atheist. You’re therefore Satanist so how can you ever be a philanthropist?!”, for example), I believe all humans are animals and all animals should live in a fundamentally equal and free world as far as possible. But of course, as in the ‘animal world’, there are always going to be challenges and some unavoidable inequalities. Unfortunately it is the extremes of beliefs which have warped the views on what and what isn’t equality or freedom.

There is something, however, that we can never escape from – we are all born, we all live, we are all taxed, and we all die.

Now just imagine… If we all only believed in these indisputable existential facts the world would definitely be a far more equal place, and we would all be free to live it.

Just wait to see what I really have to say about religion. Have you read War and Peace?

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